Infoscape Software Solutions


Search Engine Optimization

Our innovative and results-driven search engine marketing strategies have delivered enormous value to clients by helping them reach active customers online, thereby generating profitable revenues for their companies and building brand equity.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our Search Engine Optimization services are geared to substantially increase your site's ranking among the leading search engines. Here's a brief overview of our methodology for SEO:

  • Optimize internal elements present in the web site like HTML titles, Meta Tags, ALT tags, Headings, Links etc.
  • Optimize external elements which include Link popularity, click popularity, themes etc.
  • Optimize content to use specific keywords
  • Hand-submit the site to leading search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN etc.
  • Maintenance: After our initial SEO campaign, we work continuously on maintaining and improving the rankings

Dynamic Site Optimization

Dynamic sites, where the bulk of the content comes from databases, are difficult and some times impossible for search engines to index properly. We have developed tools that ensure that not only do dynamic pages get indexed, but also optimized because of keywords being placed in strategic locations on the pages. This results in high ranking even for dynamic pages.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

We have experience working with Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impression campaigns on the leading search engines including Google (AdWords), Yahoo (Sponsored Search) and MSN (AdCenter). We have setup, managed, optimized and tracked numerous campaigns resulting in tremendous ROI for our clients.

Link Optimization

Google and other leading search engines use the Page Rank of a site as an important criterion when ranking sites in response to keyword searches. The Page Rank of a site depends on the number on incoming links and quality or Page Rank of the referring sites. We have worked with clients to identify and get listed on several relevant sites and directories and have had success in boosting the page rank.

Gateway Pages

If we are not able to effectively target all important keywords through the existing pages of the site, we can create new pages that are not part of the site's standard navigation. These so called Gateway Pages are optimized pages developed using special techniques that target 2-4 important keywords. The purpose of these gateway pages is to improve the ranking of the site in response to these keywords.