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Smart Technology can help you transform your business processes.

Infoscape is your best bet for addressing and delivering all aspects of your IOT requirements, including IOT Hardware, IOT Firmware, IOT Embedded Applications, IOT Cloud, IOT Integration, and IOT Testing, given to its extensive experience with IOT solutions.

With our end-to-end IOT services, we handle the entire IOT product/solution lifecycle, from Technology Consulting through firmware Design, Architecture, Development, Implementation, Maintenance, and Enhancement for AWS IOT and Azure IOT Hub. Our IOT services result in measurable business benefits such as improved performance, resource utilization, operational efficiencies, and revenue growth.


Why should you choose Infoscape for your IOT requirements?

Proven experience with device management and IOT product development One-Stop-Shop for all your IOT requirements

Cost-effective Business Models with Effective Implementation Successfully completed IOT projects for reputable firms from many business verticals

Choice of techniques for several IOT solutions based on reference architectures Designed, developed, and implemented our IOT products - uScann, People Counting.

Our IOT Services and Solution :

IOT Application Development :
We provide end-to-end IOT application development services and cover all aspects of IOT architecture. From due diligence to support and evolution, we'll take care of the development of your IOT-capable software.

IOT consulting services :
Our IOT consulting services help enterprises and end-users easily innovate their environments. To do so, we focus on the client's pain points and business objectives. Evaluation of your organization's preparedness, technology stack, domain-based value chain mapping, roadmap implementation, and business case development are all part of our IOT consulting services. We accompany our clients throughout their journey.

IOT Engineering :
Our IOT engineering services help our clients develop by allowing them to plan and deploy IOT solutions. Embedded and Firmware engineering, IOT Device development, Web service API development, and IOT Platform integration are all services offered as part of our IOT engineering.

IOT testing :
Infoscape has extensive IOT testing capabilities to ensure high-quality IOT solutions. Over IOT devices, we use a complete range of test procedures, test tools, and test cases. All individual components of the IOT solution, including hardware and software, as well as the combined solution, are tested using our approach.

IOT Maintenance and Support :
As part of our IOT offerings, we also provide IOT maintenance and support services, which include the deployment of teams to resolve issues and execute planned maintenance on the devices. In addition, we offer voice and non-voice (e.g., emails) services with varying time zone coverage and agreed-upon SLAs.

Limitless Use Cases:

Factory :
Aware, autonomous systems for a smart connected factory that improves product quality, security, and performance.

Inventory management in retail, which can offer customers proximity alerts regarding products at the precise moment.

Healthcare :
Use fitness trackers and other wearables to revolutionize patient monitoring, saving lives and generating revenue for health insurance.

Infrastructure :
Maintain structures and facilities while minimizing waste of utilities and amenities. Improve comfort, security, and protection to increase productivity.

Smart Security :
Security monitoring using facial recognition, motion sensors, and AI-powered video analysis with machine learning for visual analytics.

Supply chain :
Supply chain and warehouse activities must be closely monitored in order to improve inventory management.

Marketing :
Gather client information to tailor services and products based on contextual indicators.

Data Center:
Automate operations to optimize your data center's provisioning.

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